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We Hanil-Fuji(Korea) Co., Ltd has been supplying various equipment and spare parts to world leading shipping companies with reliable partnership based on

“Genuine parts supply” “On time delivery” with “Best Price”. Our efforts to provide differentiated service and continuous change and innovation is our motive power of growing up.


Genuine Policy

The Hanil-Fuji(Korea) has same business philosophy with Fuji Group and provide only Genuine items. For this reason, we can get the confidence and good reputation from Shipping related Korean manufacturers. And we could made an agent agreement with those manufacturers, such as STX Engine, Hi-Air Korea, Samgong, Dong-Hwa Entec etc. we can enhance our ability of quick response for customer needs and supply the genuine item with best price.




Stock of STX Engine

For swift response for customer’s urgent requirement, We analyse the consuming pattern of the each vessel, we purchase the critical item of STX Engine and stock on our warehouse

based on portfolio analysis. This job is not only for swift response but also to improve our ability of price competitiveness.


Special Procurement Sevice

As an exclusive supplier, we’ve been supplying Korean spare parts to giants shipping company like Shell or Teekay etc… for many years. This contract streamline the working procedure

between customer and makers, moreover it is concluded not only as a cost saving way but also manpower efficiency way. Based on this long experienced knowhow. We provide a

special service like consultant of equipment or spare parts and we purchase the item on customer’s behalf for the new building ship and running ships. Also we recommend

the necessary parts, when the vessel is drydock and supply all the item in accordance with vessel’s schedule. Furthermore, we supply the special spare item to special ships like LNG,

LPG, HEAVY LIFT. By using our channel.








Spare 1 Team


Spare 2 Team
(ASIA, AMERICA,except seaspan)


Spare 3 Team


Special Procurement Service Team


Engine Parts Sales Team
(Engine parts except SPT's Customer)

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사업자등록번호 : 602-81-02268 | TEL. 051)712-8300, FAX. 055)723-2666 |

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