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HANIL-FUJI(Korea)CO., is the realization of Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) based on love and respect for all human beings.


"A Workplace with No Accidents, No Disease and No Pollution through people-centered management to improve quality of life"





Our commitment to HSE stems from love and respect for all human beings and we adhere to the basics and principles.
01 We do not compromise on HSE.
02 We remove all toxic and dangerous elements immediately and actively participate in prevention efforts.
03 We try to improve our health and work environment to improve the quality of our lives.
04 We actively participate in eco-friendly efforts to make green shipbuilding without pollution.
05 We fulfill our duties and take responsibilty for our actions.


We at HANIL-FUJI(Korea) CO., LTD. establish plans with detailed guidelines and standards to achieve HSE goals for each team. All HSE activities are regularly evaluated internally and externally. HSE activity details and evaluation results are posted on the company intranet, allowing real-time viewing.


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Quality Management
System ISO9001

Environmental Management

System ISO14001

Human Resources Development



주소 : 경상남도 창원시진해구 신항로 434-2 (안골동) | 업태 : 도매업 | 대표이사 : 이배명 |
사업자등록번호 : 602-81-02268 | TEL. 051)712-8300, FAX. 055)723-2666 |

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